Wholesome Cynic

Do you ever get that feeling that the things people do don’t make much sense? Are you sceptical about various things in life? 

If you’re reading this, then you’re probably wondering why you should read on? I mean, after all, what has a blog ever given you besides mild interest, high hopes, and subsequently, extreme disappointment? All blogs are the same right? Well maybe this blog will be exactly the same. But maybe it won’t. Only one way to find out…

The writing of this blog reflects me beginning a time in my life during which I might actually have something interesting to say, particularly if you share some of my interests: photography, being a cynical student, cycling, hiking, geography, the world and all its general wonders, casual writing, and, last but not least, personal advancement and the preservation of mankind.

If you don’t like any of those things, then maybe you will like them after reading what I have to say. You are, despite the popular belief of your friends and relatives, a human, so you have the ability to generate new interests and tackle complex ideas. Complex being a relative term. I’ll also try and incorporate as many of my photos as I can.

Sparkly fireworks engulfing tree

The first photo I ever took which was vaguely impressive, in 2009. I feel that the golden entrails of the voracious fireworks climbing their way over my garden fence, are a metaphor for the promise of things to come for you. Their ethereal substance was too phantasmal for this world to hold, and their consequentially ephemeral nature caused them to evaporate into the pitch black sky. My split second attention to this wondrous sight which demonstrates the absolute beauty of this universe, allowed me to capture and frame this moment for all time. Sadly however, this photo is completely intangible and lacking in substance, infusing my memory with inescapable melancholy. Sort of like this blog.

Okay, so you might now be thinking, “That’s great, Adam. It’s what I’ve always wanted. The ability to absorb other people’s experiences and ideas over the internet.” If so, this means I’ve hyped my blog up to biblical proportions without any valid evidence on which to base my claims. Which must therefore mean I am an exceptional writer. Which means you’ll be missing out if you don’t keep up with me.

So… enough of this. On to the first post that isn’t complete waffle. Oh. In case you haven’t realised, my writing will have a helpful dollop of cynicism, satire and possibly irony.


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